DR. J. R. BISSLAND graduated from PALMER COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC in December of 1962.  He began practice shortly thereafter in the small Iowa town of Eldridge, where he practiced for two and a half years while doing some teaching for the college.

In June of 1965, Dr. J. R. had an opportunity to take over a practice in the southeast Iowa town of Kalona.  He practiced in Kalona, where he developed the practice, and treated patients from birth to senior citizens.  During that time, he advanced his education, and began studying the ancient art of acupuncture.

Late in 1972, he was getting more involved with advanced acupuncture, and meridian therapy, and relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he ran the CHIROPRACTIC INTENSIVE CARE CENTER, and taught acupuncture and auriculotherapy  for the NEW YORK CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE.  Dr. J. R. sometimes taught seminars 2-3 weekends a month, and practiced during the week.

In 1977, feeling a bit burned out he sold his Tulsa practice, and moved to Titusville, Florida.  He began his practice on a part-time basis in Titusville, and practiced there as a solo practice until his son Dr. James S. Bissland joined him in the Titusville practice as an intern.

Dr. James got his license to practice chiropratic in the state of Florida in January 1986.  The two doctors practiced together, in Titusville, eventually expanding their practice to a second location in the Cocoa/Rockledge area of Central Brevard County.  Dr. Ronald P. Bissland joined his father and brother in practice in the early 90's, and they further expanded to a third location in Melbourne, Florida.

In the spring of 1995, Dr. James Bissland, with his wife Lisa, and their 18 month old son moved back to Tulsa where he began practice in the west side of Tulsa.  BISSLAND CHIROPRACTIC has had 4 locations over the more than 25 years in Tulsa, currently at 6334 E 13th Street.  Dr. James Bissland practices as a single doctor with Thomas, his son as his office manager and certified chiropractic physician's asisstant.
Dr. J. R. Bissland, DC
Dr. James S. Bissland, DC
In Loving Memory of
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1971 - 2019

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